The first time I’ve been in Tokyo, I went to a guest house of a Japanese friend of mineAlthough I often went out alone to visit the city, but always I had advices from his family, how to move, which trains to take and how to get home! Not knowing Japanese is not easy to move quickly. The second time, for a variety of circumstances, I decided to return to Tokyo alone.

My main problem was then just  where to stay, what kind of hotel, but especially in wich neighborhood. I needed to find a hotel in a neighborhood convenient for travel, easily accessible near restaurants, bars and shops in the middle reach without having to catch trainsI had no idea how the experience would have been in Tokyo all by myself and wanted to have all the amenities and services near the hotelTokyo fascinates everyone, but for those unfamiliar with the language and  travel to exotic places can also be frightened by the amount of peoplelights and colors that Tokyo has to offer.


Doing several searches on the internet I finally decided. I would spend my time in Tokyo at the hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku. The hotel is business-type , rooms are small but with all the comforts, the staff understands English, and the movements are made easier by the fantastic location. In fact reaching the subway or the JR lines takes very few steps and, what is really important when you are tired, you have not to pass through crowds of people running to get to the hotel. In fact the street of the hotel is on the south side of Shinjuku station and is served by the new output of the station called NewSouth Exit which comes out on Southern Terrance directly opposite the hotel.

Single rooms are very small, as most of the hotel business, no closet, but the space is really well designed. The bathroom is small but clean and organized, has a window with an opaque glass, which looks out on the room to filter the natural light and give a sense of openness to the environment. Very important when you have tostay so long in a room. In addition to every room air conditioner is also an air purifier that starts automatically when it detects dirt or odors in the room. In all the rooms of the hotel is available in-room massage service that I have clearly provedA nice old Japanese came to expertly massaging my back by pressure only with the help of a towel. No oil, no mess in your room, kindness and professionalism. The old lady did not speak a word of English but still managed to understand each others. At 2F you can find a room with free internet computers available and free hot drinks vending machine. At each floor instead, near the elevators there is a vending-machines room for all drinks and snacks on hand at any time without leaving the hotel.

Recommended the Swedish hotel spa. I tried the best massage of my life in that place. I have already done in various Swedish massage massage centers but that of the spa of this hotel is still the best. Maybe a little pricey, but is money really wellspent.



151-0053 2-3-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

TEL. 03-3375-3211 FAX. 03-5365-4110

3 minutes walk from the South Exit of Shinjuku Station, 2 minutes walk from the Southern Terrace Exit.Immediately to the right upon exiting the Toei Oedo Shinjuku Line A1 Exit (Shinjuku Mines Tower Exit)

15 minutes by car from Metropolitan Expressway Shinjuku turnoff 60 minutes by car from Haneda Airport 80 minutes by car from Narita Airport

65 cars (toll parking)



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